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A serious injury can have a devastating effect on victims and their families.  Victims of the negligence of others have done nothing wrong.  Victims and their families must ensure they obtain the most compensation which the law allows.  Draw upon 20 years of experience helping injured people from Ottawa and Eastern Ontario in personal injury cases.  Todd Barney has extensive experience in dealing with a myriad of different injuries including birth injuriesbrain injuriessoft tissue injuriesspinal cord injuriesorthopedic injurieschronic painpsychological or emotional trauma, and wrongful death.

Whether it is an injury suffered as a result of a motor vehicle collision, involving an automobile, motorcycle, snowmobilepublic transit or train, or an injury occasioned by medical negligence, including tragic cases involving catastrophic injuries suffered by babies at delivery, or involving other cases such as substandard surgerymedication errors, or misdiagnosis of disease or other medical conditions, or a slip or trip and fall, skiing accident, or playground or daycare accidentTodd Barney has successfully pursued the rights of injured victims to get the compensation which they deserve.

Injuries suffered because of the negligence of others can have a profound and devastating effect in the life of the victim.  Trust your case to the experience, knowledge and expertise of Todd Barney.

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About the legal process

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