Birth injury lawyer in ottawa canada

Birth Injury arises out of the mismanagement of labour by members of the obstetrical team:  the nurses, the physician and/or a midwife.  The most common case of such mismanagement is when labour is permitted to proceed too long in the face of warning signs that indicate that other delivery options, such as a Caesarian section, are necessary immediately to ensure the health of both mother and baby.  When labour is allowed to continue in spite of these signs, the baby frequently suffers a lack of oxygen to the brain which can cause serious brain damage and catastrophic results for the future life of the child.  Often times, the well-being of the mother giving birth is often put at risk and/or long term damage suffered.  Let the experience and expertise of Todd Barney in this complex area of medical malpractice ensure your child is compensated for the significant and comprehensive care that will be required throughout his or her life so that their full potential can be realized.

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