Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation either in person or by telephone of up to one hour to meet with you so that it can be determined if there is a potentially viable cause of action to claim for the injuries that you have suffered owing to the neglect of another. Todd would be pleased to meet with you at your residence or another location convenient to you if you are unable to attend at our offices. Contact Todd Barney today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Contingency Fee – No Fees Until Settlement

Pursuant to the Solicitors’ Act, since 2002 lawyers in Ontario have been permitted to enter into a Contingency Fee Agreement with their clients.  Pursuant to these agreements, the fee owing to a lawyer for legal services provided is contingent, in whole or in part, on the successful completion of the matter.  Cases will be accepted on this basis if it is determined after consultation and information and document review that there is a reasonable prospect of success and that it is economically viable for both the lawyer and the client to proceed on this basis.  The vast majority of cases we accept are done on this basis because many injury victims find themselves in precarious financial circumstances owing to the very injuries they have suffered.

Hourly rates

It may be that a case is not appropriate for a contingency fee arrangement.  The case is therefore taken on an hourly basis.  This means that an hourly fee is charged for the work that is done on your file.  The hourly fee differs depending on which member of the firm is performing the work on your behalf.  Our hourly fee will depend on whether a lawyer or clerk performs the work.  Some work will need to be done by a lawyer, but other work can be done equally well by a litigation clerk being directed and supervised by the lawyer.  Examples of such services are gathering information and preparing routine documents.  A clerk can serve you at lower cost than a lawyer, but may not give legal advice.


Whichever fee arrangement is agreed upon, the client and lawyer will enter into a retainer agreement prior to any services being provided to the client after the initial consultation.