transit injuries lawyer in ottawa canada

Thousands of people in our community use public transit each day. There are hundreds of public transportation vehicles operating at any one time. The sheer volume of usage unfortunately means that mishaps are inevitable. An injury can occur if the public carrier is involved in a collision with another vehicle, or if there is an abrupt stop, acceleration or turn. The standard of care imposed on a public transportation carrier is an onerous one. The Supreme Court of Canada has held that if a passenger is injured, “there is a heavy burden on the defendant carrier to establish that he had used all due, proper and reasonable care and skill to avoid or prevent injury to the passenger. The care required is of a very high degree.” This is a “reverse onus” which shifts the burden to the public carrier to prove that the passenger’s injuries were not caused by the negligence of the public carrier.

If you are injured while using public transit, let the experience and expertise of Todd Barney ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation to which you may be entitled.

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